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Christine Johnston

Ruddigore, or the Witch's Curse

Christine Johnston is an Australian performing artist/writer/singer who became known on the Brisbane arts and live-music scenes from the late 1980s for her dramatic visual performances combining music, voice and her signature style of humour.

She continues to create a diversity of performance and musical works for events, festivals, art galleries, theatre, comedy, short-film, and cabaret, touring through Australia, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, USA and Canada.

From 1994, Brisbane’s iconic Women in Voice cabaret series became a spring-board for some of Christine’s iconic concepts and characters including her first full-length, nationally toured show Decent Spinster, receiving a Matilda Commendation Award, and ultimately culminating in her international touring successes Fluff: A Story of Lost Toys – a collaboration with Lisa O’Neill and Peter Nelson – and her surreal bird-calling character Madame Lark.

In 2000, Christine and friend Annie Lee birthed the multi-award winning and internationally beloved comedic trio The Kransky Sisters who, with regular television appearances, are continuously touring. They have received several awards and nominations including The Age Critics Award, Best Newcomers Award and Green Room Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (2004), an Australian Mo Award (2005), a Herald Angel Award – Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2006), a Sydney Theatre Award (2008) and six Green Room Award nominations (2013 & 2016).

In 2012 another of Christine’s nationally toured Rramp House collaborations, RRAMP – the Collector, the Archivist & the Electrocrat, received 2 Greenroom Award nominations for Cabaret Performer and Innovation within a Form.

Christine continues to work with artists within different art-forms including upcoming collaborations with pianist Sonya Lifschitz and also Scottish performer/designer Shona Reppe. In 2015 Christine had an absolute ball as the ‘Old Lady with one buttock’ in Opera Queensland’s production of Bernstein’s Candide and is thrilled to be back for Ruddigore, or the Witch’s Curse!