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Opera Queensland’s Vision: A Boundless Landscape of Opera Experiences reflects the richness, expanse and diversity of both the operatic art form and Queensland itself; while our Mission: To reflect, celebrate and enrich life in our communities articulates the important role the arts play in contemporary Queensland life. One of Australia’s major performing arts companies, OperaQ serves Metropolitan Brisbane and regional/remote Queensland through the development and presentation of opera projects that reflect our core values of Excellence, Community and Adventure.

Three intersecting spheres of engagement are central to achieving our goals:

  • In a range of theatres and venues across Metropolitan Brisbane we present grand opera of excellence and bold creative adventures;
  • We tour extensively throughout Regional Queensland, creating unique and innovative opportunities for regional artists and audiences to experience opera; and
  • OperaQ’s Open Stage program creates first-rate education and community
    engagement programs for all ages.

Located in the heart of Brisbane’s South Bank cultural precinct, OperaQ enjoys creative partnerships with Griffith University and multiple arts organisations, festivals and presenters across and beyond Queensland.


In opera, Excellence is at the heart of those extraordinary moments when the whole is far greater than the sum of its many parts. It’s in the way that certain singers can transcend music’s technical demands to seize the imagination and touch the human heart. It’s how a great conductor can inspire hundreds of musicians and a vast chorus in the expression of an idea or emotion in a single unified voice. How a designer can turn a simple doorway into a portal to another world, another way of thinking. Excellence is at the forefront of our pursuit of innovation but also in our respect for opera’s 400 year history.

 OperaQ demonstrates Excellence in many different ways. It’s there in the high quality of our grand opera experiences at the Lyric Theatre with the might of the full Opera Queensland Chorus, spectacular scenery, fine singers; and in our cutting edge new works, and ground-breaking education and community programs.


Open Stage aims to have as many people as possible experience the thrill of creative expression through the human voice. Community is at the very heart of everything we do at OperaQ. We’re Opera Queensland and we belong to every person in the state. Open Stage is a special unit within OperaQ, with a scope that is as broad and diverse as the Queensland communities we serve. Our teams of singers, directors and musicians work with people of all ages, social backgrounds and ability levels across regional and remote Queensland as well as Metropolitan Brisbane.

We’re passionate about sharing good music with young people through our Primary School touring production FiZZ! – a co-creation with shake & stir theatre co., and workshops tailored to young people.  We also work with Secondary School students in Open Stage residencies and explore the performance of classic operas with adults who simply love to sing via our adult workshops.

OperaQ is setting new benchmarks for excellence and participation in the arts in regional Australia. We led the way with Project Puccini in 2014 and now in 2016, Project Rossini will engage over 250 regional Queenslanders who will be given the opportunity to act, sing in Italian and dance in a brand new professional production of The Barber of Seville.


 OperaQ seeks to create an environment of risk-taking and innovation. Throughout opera’s 400 year history, composers, performers, conductors, directors and designers have pushed the boundaries of convention, broken the rules to achieve new levels of creativity – and audiences have kept up. Today, as we look to opera’s future it’s even more vital that there’s a place within our company for Adventure.