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22 JUNE - 30 JUNE 2018


The Merry Widow is a delicious confection: a light-hearted look at love amid the champagne and glitter of Art Deco France. Ladies sweep into ballrooms in silk fishtail gowns, and dapper gents in suits and patent leather shoes kiss your hand and fill up your dance card.

Two of the country’s most popular and charismatic performers, David Hobson and Natalie Christie Peluso, return as perfectly paired lovers Hanna and Count Danilo, in Graeme Murphy’s spectacular new production of Franz Lehár’s ever popular musical.

Natalie Christie Peluso plays the beguiling widow, an inadvertent heiress of a city’s fortune after just eight days of marriage. Fearing the loss of their riches, the society set are determined that she must wed a local, and soon, before any foreigner catches her gaze. But she’s got a history with the man they’ve got in mind, and to complicate matters, the widow isn’t the only one turning heads. There’s plenty of love to go around in this story of amorous encounters and elegant romance.

[lvca_accordion style=”style3″ toggle=”true”][lvca_panel panel_title=”Dates & Tickets”]Performance Dates
Friday 22 June, 7.30pm
Saturday 23 June, 1.30pm
Saturday 23 June, 7.30pm
Wednesday 27 June, 6.30pm
Friday 29 June, 7.30pm
Saturday 30 June, 2.00pm
Saturday 30 June, 7.30pm

Premium Reserve: $149 – $179*
A Reserve: $119 – $159*
B Reserve: $99 – $119*
C Reserve: $59 – $79*

*$7.20 – $8.20 transaction fee applies.

[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Pre-performance talks”]Behind every performance you see on stage, there’s a dedicated team of creatives, artists, musicians, production, technical and administrative staff all striving for excellence to bring you the very best opera experience.

Before entering the glitz and glamour of Art Deco Paris, explore the history, context, composition, and unforgettable melodies with industry expert John Woods at one of four complimentary pre-performance talks.

Wednesday 27 June – 5.30pm
Saturday 30 June – 6.30pm

Duration: 30 mins

Lyric Theatre, QPAC – entry via door 2[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”The story”]

The tiny state of Pontevedro is bankrupt. Their only hope of financial salvation lies in Hanna, a beautiful widow who inherited her husband’s fortune after just eight days of marriage.

The Pontevedrians must convince her to marry a local, lest she take her fortune to foreign shores.

But she’s got a history with the man they’ve got in mind, and there are many twists and turns on the road to falling in love again…

[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”SYNOPSIS”]

Act I

The Pontevedrian embassy, Paris.The Balkan state of Pontevedro is facing financial ruin. Its best hope is that Hanna Glavari, a young rich widow, should marry a Pontevedrian and keep her fortune in Pontevedro, rather than risk marrying a Parisian and losing the money to France. The Pontevedrian Embassy holds a state ball to which Hanna and her former lover, Danilo Danilovich are invited. Before her marriage into wealth, Hanna was a poor farm girl whom Danilo’s uncle forbade him to marry. Now the pressure is on to reunite them in marriage. But as Danilo loved the poor farm girl, can he love the wealthy widow?

Act II

Hanna’s home in Paris, the next day. Hanna holds a Pontevedrian party. Valencienne, the young wife of the Pontevedrian ambassador, Baron Zeta, continues a fragile romance with a young Frenchman, Camille, who has written a dangerous confession of love on her fan. The intrigue deepens when Hanna and Camille are discovered in the summer house and the hope of her reunion with Danilo appears doomed.


Maxim’s Nightclub, later the same evening. Hanna has reserved the popular nightspot, where she sparks Danilo’s anger by her coquettish antics with the grisettes. The various love intrigues are resolved by vital discoveries about Valencienne’s fan – and the will of Hanna’s late husband!

[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Graeme Murphy”]Graeme Murphy AO is an iconic Australian dancemaker celebrated for his passion, humour and bold imagination.

Graeme began his incandescent career, now spanning over 50 years, as a dancer with The Australian Ballet, Sadler’s Wells Ballet (London) and Ballets Félix Blaska (France) before returning to Australia as a freelance choreographer in 1975. The following year, he was appointed Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company and, during his 31-year tenure, created over 50 works including 30 full-length productions.

Graeme received an AM in 1982 and an AO in 2012 for distinguished service to the performing arts, holds three honorary doctorates, and was named a National Living Treasure by the National Trust of Australia. Among countless awards, Graeme has received a Helpmann Award for Best Choreography (Body of Work – a Retrospective), James Cassius Award, Green Room Award for Concept and Realisation (Swan Lake), Centenary Medal, Fred & Adele Astaire Award for Excellence in Choreography in Film for Mao’s Last Dancer and was named Cultural Leader of the Year by the Australian Business Arts Foundation.

In addition to his extensive choreographic credits for ballet and contemporary dance, Graeme has directed and choreographed several operas including Metamorphosis, Turandot, Salome, The Trojans and Aida (Opera Australia, Opera Queensland and State of Opera of South Australia, West Australian Opera), Samson et Dalila (The Metropolitan Opera) and Death in Venice (Canadian Opera Company).

Love Never Dies, Mao’s Last Dancer, Aida, Swan Lake choreographed by Graeme Murphy.[/lvca_panel][lvca_panel panel_title=”Costume Designs”][lvca_carousel arrows=”” autoplay=”true” autoplay_speed=”2000″ animation_speed=”300″ pause_on_hover=”true” display_columns=”2″ scroll_columns=”2″ gutter=”10″ tablet_display_columns=”2″ tablet_scroll_columns=”2″ tablet_gutter=”10″ tablet_width=”800″ mobile_display_columns=”1″ mobile_scroll_columns=”1″ mobile_gutter=”10″ mobile_width=”480″][lvca_carousel_item][/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item][/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item][/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item][/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item][/lvca_carousel_item][lvca_carousel_item][/lvca_carousel_item][/lvca_carousel]

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CONDUCTORVanessa Scammell
Graeme Murphy
SET DESIGNER Michael Scott-Mitchell
Shane Placentino


Danilo DanilovichDavid Hobson
Hanna GlavariNatalie Christie Peluso
Baron Mirko ZetaJason Barry-Smith
Valencienne, the BaronessKatie Stenzel
Camille de RosillonJames Rodgers
NjegusHugh Parker
Raoul de St. BriocheVirgilio Marino
Viscount Nicolas CascadaShaun Brown
Dominik BogdanovichSam Hartley
SylvianeJessica Low
Alexis KromovJon Maskell
Olga KromovCassandra Seidemann
Konrad PritschichAndrew Collis
PraskowiaClarissa Foulcher

Opera Queensland Chorus
Queensland Symphony Orchestra

This brand new production was commissioned by The Opera Conference, Australia’s national partnership of professional opera companies. Sung in English.

Approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes including two 20 minute intervals.