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Project G&S is an OperaQ community initiative to give aspiring local artists the chance to live out their stage dreams. Age is no barrier – all you have to do is rock up to the auditions when they come to your town and you could be part of the chorus for Ruddigore, or the Witch’s Curse.

If you have ambitions, a dream or just want to show off in front of family and friends this is your chance, so keep an eye on our website where we’ll be announcing all the audition dates across six regional communities. If selected, you’ll work with OperaQ and local professionals, who’ll add the polish to your passion!

The community choruses were a smash hit when La bohéme toured in 2014 and The Barber of Seville in 2016, so don’t miss your chance in 2018.

A note from the director, Lindy Hume, about the chorus for Ruddigore:

This production is definitely NOT a traditional Gilbert and Sullivan. It’s bold and quirky, inspired by a range of British comedy styles from Monty Python to AbFab. It’s also (as most of my productions are) quite physically demanding and relies on all cast members giving 100% energy throughout the show. In this production the chorus will dance a LOT and physical requirements are high.


The ladies chorus play a troupe of professional bridesmaids.In the script they are supposed to be teenagers so while we can stretch that a little, we need the ladies chorus to be credibly youthful and fit. Dancing: for the bridesmaids there’s a very raucous hornpipe in the middle of Act 1, choreography in both finales, and quite a lot of action on the floor.


The Gents in Act 1 will be playing the local cricket team,so they must be fit, able to kneel and run while singing. There’s a Morris dance for the Gents at the end of Act 1 and choreography at the end of Act 2. In Act 2 they are Ghosts who need to move in a “spooky” way and half of the gents will carry a light male adult above their heads.

I look forward to working with our regional choruses next year!

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Auditions held February – March 2018


Rehearsal will be held one evening a week over an 8 week period.


Rehearsals commence 21 May
Performance Fri 3 August & Sat 4 August

Rehearsals commence
28 May
Performance Wed 8 August

Rehearsals commence
28 May
Performance Sat 11 August

Rehearsals commence
4 June
Performance Wed 15 Aug

Rehearsals commence 4 June
Performance Sat 18 August

Rehearsals commence 11 June
Performance Thurs 23 August